Factors affecting your face’s youthfulness range from diet and mental health to gravity and sun activity. But the solution for bringing back that freshness to your face isn’t complicated. Today we will look at one of the cases describing the use of derma fillers based on hyaluronic acid by one of our customers. Become the next one to try the rejuvenating products we have to offer.

Rachel vs. White Uniforms

Rachel has never liked going to the doctor. The very first day of her life didn’t include any doctor: she was born in her parents’ house with the assistance of their family friend. Growing up, she was a shy child enjoying quiet walks in the park or reading a book after school instead of doing even the most boring extra-curricular activities such as badminton or chess. She has never been to an emergency room with a bone fracture or heavy bruising. The only time she saw a person in a white uniform was on Halloween when her friend Gracie wore a doctor’s costume from the nearest dollar shop to impress neighbors and get cheerful looks and sweets from them. But she wasn’t afraid of doctors, and there was one she even adored. His name was Dr. Gregory House from House, M.D. It was the only show she preferred to a book, and she watched all seasons probably five times and even once in Spanish. She thought it would be fun, and she could use some phrases she caught while watching it to impress her Spanish teacher. Highly detailed conversations about surgeries or diagnoses were fascinating to her but only because it was all on TV and not happening in real life. At least not in her life. Until she hit 35.

Rachel vs. Age

Nothing suddenly changed on her birthday, but it was most definitely a starting point. She was always about her diet and tried to include a lot of vegetables and fruits. It wasn’t hard for her to keep her body fit since her long walks in the park continued after she graduated from school. She earned good money working as a lawyer’s personal assistant, and she could afford high-quality products for her skin and body. Maybe sometimes she wasn’t sleeping enough, but it was only when she would find a perfect book to read, so it wasn’t even a sacrifice for her. She enjoyed a blissful relationship with her boyfriend, and they talked about getting married in early spring around his and her birthdays. So, worrying about her future wasn’t something Rachel would usually do. She knew she was lucky to have all that in her life and was enjoying herself. But maybe there’s a point in everyone’s life when the perfect image of your present and high hopes for the future start to lose color, and the sides wear off. About a year after Rachel turned 35, she began to notice changes on her face. She didn’t feel that she changed in any way from inside, but she couldn’t say the same about her skin. Her cheeks didn’t have the same contour, and the skin didn’t have that look of fullness. Those folds near her nose, which appeared when she smiled, have deepened. She could almost say there’s a lack of proportion between her upper, middle, or lower parts of the face. She spent more and more time thinking how nice it would have been to look like she is back in her 20’s and enjoy that feeling of having an endless reserve of time ahead of her. Time. A short word written just in four letters must be the most valuable thing on Earth. Until then, it was hard for Rachel to believe that her skin could also show time, just like the numbers on the right bottom corner of her laptop. But that is what time does to a person. It presents him or her with wonderful memories and unbelievable moments but takes something in exchange. Deep sigh. That unpleasant feeling somewhere in your throat and eyes from a rising urge to cry a little when you feel that bitterness of life.

Rachel vs. Feeling Bad and Looking Sad

But falling into deep sadness or being filled with destructive emotions for long wasn’t in Rachel’s nature, and she decided that to maintain her well-balanced life, she must put some effort and help herself to age well. During one of her lunch breaks, Rachel decided to stay in the office since it was cold to go to the park anyways. First of all, she looked at some recommendations online about what other skin products she could buy other than what she has been already using. She didn’t realize before that it’s essential to keep not only a balanced life but also a balanced skin. She also discovered that redistribution of fat happening with age underlines certain facial structures. And that was precisely what happened to her.

Moreover, skin sagging can occur in places where fat accumulates too much. She could also relate to that since she noticed that there was extra skin under her lips now. Signs of aging, for example, are when a forehead loses its nice curve. Or when changes in facial skeleton lead to nose lengthening or ascending of a brow position. That is why it is crucial to bring back the volume to a face as it creates its fullness, and that is exactly a quality of a youthful look. You can check this article which supports that idea. It also talks about derma fillers, which act as lifters and fillers of the face’s soft tissue. “Volume augmentation” or creating facial volume is believed to be effective because lifting certain areas of a face brings back a balance to fat distribution. New York and London researchers introduced 3D typography for bringing back face youthfulness by filling certain areas of skin. They believe that the approach they present is the most successful in creating a balance of soft tissue on a whole face. That way, the attractiveness of a face increases since this method brings back symmetry of the eyes, nose, lips, and cheekbones or central facial triangle.

Rachel vs. Surgery

Going back to Rachel’s relationship with doctors, it is important to mention the following curious fact. She did go to see a doctor hoping to get a better-looking face in a short time. It wasn’t at all how she imagined it, though. It wasn’t terrible, but spending just 10 minutes talking about surgery options or making little cuts on parts of her face and neck, to be precise, felt more like she was talking to her tailor and not a plastic surgeon. She wasn’t ready to deal with pain and medication she would have to take after, and there was no guarantee her face would look good. And she thought that maybe, in this case, paying for potential regret and dissatisfaction won’t be that easy to forget—unlike that trip to Morocco, which she paid for but couldn’t go. In a world of endless ice cream tastes choice, there must be some alternative, Rachel thought. She found it faster than that plastic surgeon could send her the bill for her appointment. It cost her the time she wanted to spend on reading those two captivating non-fiction books, but the information she found online was worth it. She learned about hyaluronic acid in this article. It discussed the issue of modeling a face by volumizing it. Hyaluronic acid plays a huge role in building the face’s tissue and affects the skin’s volume and elasticity. If the amount of it decreases, then the skin gets dehydrated, and wrinkles occur. In researchers’ opinion, the effects of hyaluronic acid, such as stabilizing or cushioning, work great in making it a suitable material for soft tissue filling. The results of the reports discussed in the article show that after the treatment using hyaluronic acid, the effects are maintained for up to 24 months in some cases.

Rachel vs. Old Rachel

Rachel found this information very convincing, and like with all her shopping she does today, she went online to find derma fillers based on hyaluronic acid. https://fillersmarket.com/ had a pretty neat choice of the products, so she went for it and bought SeDy Fill. It is an example of a modern derma filler based on hyaluronic acid, which is created to keep skin structure by supplementing the skin with hydration. Of course, buying that product didn’t involve any people in white uniforms but rather a pleasant online shop assistant who was probably in his or her pajamas working from home like most of us do these days. This product is also based on hyaluronic acid and works well to reduce signs of age from your skin. But we will talk about it in another episode of our articles’ series. It will also include another mesmerizing story of changing someone’s life for the better after using fillers. As for Rachel and her fresh-looking skin, she was very happy about her purchase. She was proud of her decision to spend money not making stitches on her face but investing it in her healthy and younger-looking skin. She still regularly eats fruits and vegetables and walks in the park three times a day. She made changes in her schedule which always involved shopping for books once a month before. It now has one more point: beauty days at home when she uses SeDy Fill. With it, she can feel like her life is smooth again, just like her skin. Rachel will be soon dressed in all white and dance and drink until she falls on the bed dead tired. Has she quit her job and joined a group of mad doctors who are trying to save everyone before the world ends? – you ask? Um… no. It’s her wedding coming.