Everybody is talking about leading a conscious life and forget all your troubles to feel happier. Is it as easy as people say it is? I wouldn’t try to play a magician here and tell you it’s a matter of one “whoosh” of a magic wand. But anyone can follow some easy ways to start feeling happier and stay younger for longer, including the old-time favorite: medical marijuana.

I was walking down that same path I walked so many times before, but something was different for sure. The grass smelled nice, and the tree leaves were swinging slightly up and down, up and down. As if they were waiving at me. What a crazy thought. Of course, the leaves were just regular leaves, the ones you find probably in every corner of that great country. What was wrong then? Surely, I didn’t go crazy and started randomly seeing things I didn’t see before. There was something different in me, however. Did I have the same arms and legs I had a day before? Yes. Did I see myself in the mirror today and still had the same hair and head I had a day before? Yes. What was it then, I asked myself again but more impatiently? Aah! That’s it. It’s been hiding from me. That thing. That feeling. That continuing emotion. It was happiness. How did I get to it, you ask? The answer is simple if you have a moment of free time and a cup of tea next to you so you can listen to my story, slowly seeping it without interruption.

Step 1. Sleep

Skip it. Move to step 784 right away. Just kidding!

You see, when we fall asleep, we give our body that essential time to reboot. I know what you’re thinking. Your partner is snoring so loud at night you wonder how on Earth can that body have some peaceful time to do the job. But it’s nature. Even if we are such loud sleepers at night when we’re not doing anything but enjoying that quietness of the world, the body starts a pretty complicated cleaning program after the previous day and the mess we created in our heads. It finally has the time to prepare everything for our next day’s endeavors. So a good night’s sleep is not just about lying in bed in your pretty pajamas or covering your beautiful eyes with a face mask with avocados on it. You need to have enough rest so that your body functions well and doesn’t shut down during your Zoom meeting. I realize my words may sound simple, but it doesn’t work so easily for a lot of people in reality. I talk about sleep disorders.

Lavender tea, lavender pillow, lavender essential oils rubbed in all places, including your bellybutton, can help to soothe your soul and turn on the sleeping mode. But what if it doesn’t help? Many people with the same problems have been trying to propose a different solution. I talk about medical marijuana and legal ways of getting it today. Researchers from Wholeness Center in Colorado used CBD or cannabidiol, one of many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis, in their study. They unveiled its possible benefit for anxiety-related disorders, including sleep disorders. According to their study, CBD improved the sleep scores of most adults who experienced sleep disorders. Check the link.

I don’t care if you’ve read the whole article or if you’ve read any part of it at all. But I do care if you’ve asked yourself a question about the name of the place which gives permission to buy medical marijuana legally. Because I have the answer right here. It’s https://mmjherb.com/. After filling in the application, you can get a recommendation from a licensed physician and then legally purchase marijuana for medical purposes.

So I talked about being happy and what can help you with that. But what about the benefits of it? It’s not just about your body and inner peace anymore. It’s about appearance. When you are happy, everyone notices it. Your neighbor who just threw a ball to their dog, the neighbor’s dog chasing the ball, a cashier in your local coffee shop, your mailman… You enjoy sound sleep and still have some bucks on your account. It seems like you don’t have anything to worry about. But sure you do. Your mind will find something to moan about even if you’re at the beach looking at those beautiful last moments of sunset. It won’t give you a chance to relax for 100% because your mind is programmed to observe, prepare for potential danger, or reflect on the day’s business. And that is called anxiety.

So, ladies and gentlemen,

Step 2. Relax

Take a long soothing bath. I’d advise doing it Chandler’s way (Link) but if you have no idea who I’m talking about and why you should go his way, then just imagine the last time you actually felt relaxed. Not easy, huh? And there are probably a billion people who can relate to this. Of course, I don’t include children since all they need to relax is the everlasting battery life on the devices that provide them with their favorite shows. I’m talking about the moments when every cell of your body feels so light, and that warm breeze just slightly touches your skin even though you’re at home on your couch. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s the smell of fresh coffee you actually feel and not just read the description on the package on how it’s supposed to smell. It’s the taste of your favorite fruit or berries you didn’t just grab in between your meetings at work. It’s every sound of your favorite song. Maybe it’s not a song to everyone’s taste, but it’s so dear to you, and you listen to it one more time. In today’s world, that seems impossible, I know. There’s just no time to give yourself a good rest, to say nothing of thinking or worrying. Maybe, in that case, you need a little help from the https://mmjherb.com/ platform. It’s a way to buy medical marijuana, which can help to reduce your anxiety legally, without months of waiting. A medical board is available online and can send your MMJ recommendation after answering few questions. Again, everything is online and available faster than you think. And no more trouble of presenting yourself with a bit of chill time.

I’ll now jump to step 3, which is also very simple as the previous ones but not less important.

Step 3. Our Eating Habits

Eating regularly a well-balanced meal might be more complicated than we imagine. Without thinking straight, we can order anything we want since it’s all right there on our phone: fried banana, fried noodles, fried chicken…fried liver, anyone? Anything can be good when it’s fried but can anything that tastes good can benefit our health? Not really. A healthy appetite is a good sign, which means that our body functions properly and needs enough fuel to continue to do that. But once we’re caught up at work or simply don’t have time to eat, let alone think about fixing some healthy meal for ourselves, then our body starts to decay slowly. It uses its signals to identify the brain that it’s time to eat, but we just simply can’t hear it since we’re fully occupied with other things. A healthy snack becomes a rare luxury, and our body is being slowly deprived of necessary vitamins. I advise you to stop for a moment and think about how you can help your body and mind to have that pause. Medical marijuana cards can be purchased at https://mmjherb.com/. The therapeutic potential of cannabis has been actively researched recently, including the study by Franjo Grotenhermen and Kirsten Müller-Vahl. They also talk about the use of medical marijuana in lost appetite, which affects the youth of our body and mind: Link.

Here’s all for today with my magic tricks on helping yourself start feeling and looking healthier. You might find your own ways along the way, but I suggest you start with those simple steps first. It doesn’t cost much, it’s fast, it’s legal, and it has a great potential to work for you.