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Juviderm Volift is a new generation filler designed to eliminate natural skin imperfections and replenish the volume of soft tissues of the face. Its unique composition causes a long and high-quality result, as well as almost complete absence of pain during the cosmetological procedure. Advantages of Juvederm Volift:

  • non-allergenic composition, close to the natural skin moisturizer;
  • the special texture of the drug contributes to the uniform distribution of the active substance and a long-term pronounced effect;
  • the phosphate buffer included in the composition significantly reduces puffiness;
  • the presence of lidocaine helps to carry out an absolutely painless procedure without resorting to an additional injection;
  • the designing gel based on low-molecular hyaluronic acid is easily absorbed by the skin, and also completely cleaves without harm to health.
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Disadvantages of Juvederm Volift:

  • allergic reaction;
  • increased (or, conversely, weakened) sensitivity of the epidermis in the injection area;
  • hyperemia of the skin;
  • minor pain and itching
  • 1 can per 500 g, white to a yellowish cream Manufacturer: Inist Bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., South Korea

Side effects can occur both almost immediately and a few hours after the procedure is completed. Usually they pass without any intervention within 5-7 days. If, after the specified period, the negative consequences still make themselves felt, be sure to consult a specialist.

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