Toxsta 100U


Toxsta is a Botulinum toxin type A that comes in a fine powder that needs to be diluted with 0.9% saline. Upon injection into the muscle, the toxin blocks signals that cause the muscle to move. This injected muscle can no longer contract, which helps wrinkles caused by movement to relax and soften and prevents new ones from forming. Results can often be seen after 5~14 days, and can last up to 4 months.

Main benefits:

  • Targets wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, between the eyebrows: Smooths out wrinkles by inhibiting muscle movement and prevents further wrinkle formation.
  • Safe and low immune resistance risk: Toxsta 100U is manufactured from the original Botulinum toxin strain from the European National Institute and complies with the cGMP. Low protein content leads to low risk of immune resistance.
  • High purity for faster and more consistent effect: High purity (99.8%) and high biological activity result in fast and consistent results.


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Toxsta is the original strain from European National Institute and is a high-purity product with low immunogenicity risk that comlies with CGMP standards (FDA,EMA) for safe and fast skin and wrinkle improvement.

Purpose of product usage:

The product is used for wrinkle improvement on face and body.

Packaging 1 vial/1box

Expiry period 36 months

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Made in Korea

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