Yvoire Contour


Yvoire contour-a preparation of high-molecular hyaluronic acid (22 mg / ml) is considered the most dense preparation in the Yvoire line. It is perfectly suitable for contouring, including for increasing the volume of lips,cheekbones, chin. It has the longest effect among the drugs of the IVOR line – 12-18 months. It can be used to fill deep and very deep wrinkles, but it is better to use Yvoire volume for this task Strengths of Yvoire Contour:

  • Filling up the volume of the face)
  • Increase in cheekbones
  • Contour correction of cheeks and
  • forehead
  • Giving elasticity
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Scope of Yvoire Contour:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding; Oncological diseases
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Age up to eighteen years
  • the effect is 12-18 months Yvoire Contour Manufacturer: Maxcore Global Co., Ltd., South Korea

Before use, consult a specialist to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions and consequences.

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