Bellenar Ultra Volume


Bellennar Dermal Fillers by Huons Korea, Long lasting results 12-18 Months.

Bellenar is sterile, transparent viscoelastic gel containing 23mg/ml of sodium hyaluronate. The structure of sodium hyaluronate is identical in all living organisms. It is a natural polysaccharide that is present in the tissues of the body, which have particularly high concentrations in synovial fluid and in the skin.

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Instruction for use

The product should only be treated by a medical doctor or medical professional.

Do not mix with other materials. Bellenar should be injected using a strict aseptic technique.

Remove the tip cap of syringe and connect needle to the syringe. Recommended needle gauge is 21G to 30G and appropriate sterilized needle can be used by judgment of medical doctor. The injection site should be swabbed with alcohol or another suitable antiseptic solution before injection.

Inject slowly and carefully and the volume of injection site should be determined to take patients, condition and symptom into consideration. If needed, give a massage on the injected site. If significant resistance or closing is encountered when pushing the plunger the injection needle may be moved slightly to allow easier placement of the material or it may be necessary to change the injection needle. For persisting of the treatment state, it may need additional periodical injections of the product and the doctor should inform the patient of that.

Syringe, needle and any unused material of opened package must be discarded after the treatment. 

Storage condition

Store between 2 and 25 °C.

Do not freeze.

Keep away from sunlight.


Each box contains a 1ml prefilled glass syringe. the product is for single use only.

The contents of the syringe are sterile and endotoxin-free.

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Made in Korea