Slim Point Face

Slim Point Face


Slim Point is a new generation of lipolysis injection that is specifically designed for fat melting along with a very strong skin tightening effect, is different from traditional PPC lipolysis, traditional lipolysis, which is painful, easy to swollen, and slow in development, Slim Point lipolysis solution improved all these disadvantages. In addition, slim Point has high safety, quick results, and no side effects.

Slim Point Face is a fat-burning solution for face contouring and slimming. The product contains bromelain, lecithin, and vitamin B12. Bromelain accelerates fat digestion while reducing inflammation and swelling after the injection procedure.

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Strengths of Slim Point Face:

  1. New formulation technology gives an advantage to Slim Point in front of other PPC lipolysis.
  2. The fat constituents in fat cells change the composition of the storage form to be used as an energy source, thereby reducing the number of fat cells while also reducing the size of fat to maximize the reduction of fat.
  3. It dismantles fat cells and producing collagen to increase skin elasticity.
  4. It can quickly release decomposed fat cells by facilitating lymphatic circulation, making them effective in reducing edema and removing cellulite.
  5. Quick effect due to simultaneous reduction of the fat cell size and number
  6. skin lifting effect
  7. improved skin elasticity, tone, and complexion due to stimulation of collagen production
  8. increased lymph and blood circulation reduces post-injection edema and recovery period
  9. quick effect due to simultaneous reduction of the fat cell size and number


Scope of Slim Point Face:

  1. Facial asymmetry
  2. Fleshy face
  3. Thick cheeks
  4. Face slimming
  5. Face with reduced elasticity
  6. Thick double chin
  7. High cheekbones
  8. For those who experience no effect from other contouring procedures


Effect Duration:

  • The effect of the product can be permanent with proper weight maintenance


Product composition: 

Bromelain, lecithin, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)


Slim Point Face

  • One syringe × 5 ml per pack
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Manufacturer: Maypharm Co., Ltd., South Korea

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Made in Korea


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