Every Doctor Should Have It

Hi everyone, it’s Alex Goldman here. I’ve posted enough articles on the topic of cosmetology. Now you are aware of self-care, various fillers, and anti-aging procedures. But you know what? It seems that I haven’t talked about one crucial thing for any cosmetology office – beauty tech. For ordinary people, it might seem that the doctor doesn’t need to spend money on this; it’s possible to use their skills and do fine. However, professional devices provide many advantages, which can’t be compared with even the most sophisticated cosmetologist skills. That’s why in this article, I’ve prepared a little digest on the handiest and most popular appliances. By the way, you can order some of them for your private use at home.

Lights That Save Your Hair and Skin

The LED helmet is one of them. The device is suitable primarily for those who suffer from hair loss or damage. Generally, LED hair restoration technology is almost 50 years old, but before, it could be tried only in rare beauty salons at a high price. Scientists have been trying for several years to simplify the technology and make it more affordable for regular use. The result was the LED helmet, which went on public sale worldwide. At first, it was habitually bought by all the same beauty salons and then the average families.
This is how it works. LED rays can penetrate through the epidermis and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. The blood circulation, in turn, accelerates the flow of vitamins, minerals, oxygen, and other nutrients into the hair follicles, stimulating their work. As a result, hair loss stops after 3-4 weeks of using the helmet. New hair starts to grow in 1-2 months after the beginning of use. Hair volume is regenerated in 5-9 months, and it gets a healthy look. The LED helmet should be worn three times a week for 10-15 minutes to achieve visible results. However, it’s better to ask a specialist for an individual schedule of procedures. Otherwise, the opposite effect is possible: frequent use can lead to hair loss or overheating hair follicles.

The next device I’m going to talk about is a bit like the helmet above. Facial rejuvenation LED mask is an advanced product in the field of medicine. Such a mask is a unique device that has a positive effect on the skin through the use of LEDs with different wavelengths – they also emit different light. It penetrates the layers of the skin, and as a result, it becomes more even, moisturized, and smooth, filled with a healthy glow.

Red light is one of the most powerful; it penetrates tissues to a depth of about 2.5 mm. It visibly improves metabolism and blood circulation, rejuvenates and heals the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, narrows pores, and has a soothing effect, reducing redness and inflammation. A great solution for aging skin that particularly needs care.

Blue light is good for the teenager and dark skin. It has a powerful antibacterial effect and helps treat acne, drying out problem skin without any irritation.

Finally, the purple light. It’s recommended for dull skin with enlarged pores and inflammatory elements, having a relaxing effect, eliminating toxins, and restoring skin tone.

Where to Buy?

I’m sure you can’t wait to find out where to buy such devices. As you know, I trust only proven sellers who offer quality products that have been tested. As a supplier of these cool things, I chose the site fillersmarket.com. Under “Catalog,” you will find the tab “devices” where everything I have listed is available for ordering. Now you know what to do. And while you’re waiting for your order, I’ll continue my review of useful medical tools.

The Most Comfortable Thing for Injections

I’ve already introduced you to such a procedure as mesotherapy. But let me remind you just in case: with this procedure, the skin is rejuvenated and tightened, wrinkles and pigmentation are reduced. Metabolism is improved, collagen cells are activated, and the skin elasticity is increased, it acquires a healthy color.

Mesotherapy can be performed both manually and by machine. The latter is implemented using an automatic meso-gun. It is a light, compact and modern device, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the work of the doctor. And, of course, you can’t do without advantages for the patient: this device significantly reduces pain.

All In One

The following machine will be helpful for specialists who are engaged in permanent makeup and correction of skin imperfections. Well, for those who don’t quite understand the purpose of the procedure, let me explain it in a nutshell. Permanent makeup is a technique in which tattoos are used as a way to imitate usual makeup. For example, with tattooing, you can create dream eyebrows, improve your skin tone, and make your lips brighter. It helps many people feel more confident. However, this technique is not always used only on a whim. It happens that some people lose eyebrows as a result of aging or illness, chemotherapy, or a genetic failure. Some want to camouflage scars or white spots on the skin called vitiligo. Permanent makeup is also used to imitate the areolae of the breast, for example, after surgery. All in all, it’s a good thing.

However, let’s go back to the device I wanted to discuss. By visiting fillersmarket.comyou can find the Artmex V9 MTS in the product catalog. This is exactly what every cosmetologist needs to make a truly incredible impression on their patients. In addition to high-quality permanent makeup, the device allows you to perform micro-needling therapy for skin rejuvenation. This treatment improves skin elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles and acne scars, reduces stretch marks, and stimulates hair growth. Two indispensable systems in one device, what could be better?

It Cleanses Your Skin Gently

The last device I would like to introduce you to is the ultrasonic skin scrubber. I think many people are familiar with such problems as clogged pores and pimples. They not only significantly make your appearance worse but also affect your general health, mood, “kill” your self-confidence. It’s a huge mistake to turn a blind eye to such defects. The problem requires timely and professional treatment. And here comes ultrasonic facial cleansing, one of the most popular ways. It’s highly effective and causes almost no traumas, doesn’t require preparation and a recovery period. Just a couple of decades ago, few people knew about it, but now it’s the choice of millions of women and men around the world.

Such cleansing is performed using the above-mentioned device, which generates ultrasonic waves of certain frequency and intensity. This method involves the gentle removal of the upper layer of the epidermis. It removes keratinized skin cells, residues of dirt, sebum, and sebaceous plugs. Pores are visibly narrowed. Ultrasonic treatment is also an excellent option for lifting. Even the most flabby skin becomes more elastic. The procedure is absolutely painless; the patient doesn’t feel anything but light vibration. It doesn’t last long, and after the manipulation, special moisturizing and soothing agents are applied to the skin.

Add Something to All This, and You’re Perfect!

All the devices I’ve talked about in this article are undoubtedly good. But you can only get the best results with an integrated approach to your problem. Any salon procedure must be accompanied by home remedies. And for such care to be effective, it is essential to follow some simple rules.

Regularity and Quantity

Remember: skincare has a cumulative effect. Simply put, you won’t get flawless skin if yesterday you were spreading cream from a dozen jars, and today you decided to take a break.


Makeup remover should be used before the cleansing foam and the night cream after the serum. It is important to give time to each remedy because otherwise, the valuable components will not have time to be absorbed. So you got an idea.

Twice a Day

Skincare should be done twice a day. But it’s worth remembering that care products for different times of day vary in purpose and composition. For example, day cream moisturizes and protects from harmful environmental factors (including the sun). A night cream, on the other hand, is often aimed at regeneration, nourishment, and deeper moisturizing.

By the Book

Be sure to read the instructions on all the jars and bottles! They will tell you that the scrubs shouldn’t be used in times of acute inflammation, and it’s better to remove the remains of skincare products that aren’t absorbed with a clean cotton pad.

Now it seems that you know what to do and where to look for the most popular devices from the world of cosmetology. The main thing — don’t forget to consult your doctor to avoid negative consequences.